About CAHIP-Sd

Our Objectives

  • To promote the common business interests of those engaged in the health and disability insurance industry.To advance public knowledge for the need and benefit of health insurance and/or disability income products.
  • To promote the adoption and application of high standards of ethical conduct in the health insurance industry.
  • To promote and provide a program of continuing education and self-improvement of San Diego Association of Health Underwriters.
  • To increase the knowledge of members concerning principles, functions and applications of health insurance and disability income products.
  • To promote education, legislation, regulation and practices which are in the best interest of the health and disability insurance industry and the insuring public.
  • To encourage adequate protection against the hazards of disability as a part of a well-rounded insurance program.
  • To do such other things and to carry out such other programs so as to further the purposes of the Association.
  • To present accurately, honestly and completely every fact essential to the client’s decision as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Our Mission Statement:

To promote the role of the agent, educate our membership, represent consumer interests, influence legislation and promote fair and ethical business practices through the Association of Health and Disability Insurance Professionals.