Covered CA Special Enrollment Announcement

January 28th’s announcement from Covered California established a special-enrollment period in California that allows any eligible Californian to enroll in health coverage between February 1st through May 15th.  This action was taken to align with President Biden’s Executive Order establishing the special-enrollment period for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

This special-enrollment period will help expand access to coverage at this time of great need. Covered CA has updated content for their Social Media Toolkit which can be used now to help promote the Special Enrollment Period launched on February 1st.  We invite you to use these tools to help get the word out through your social media channels and please don’t forget to tag #CoveredCA.  We also invite you to follow Covered California’s Twitter feeds @CoveredCA and @CoveredCAnews.


Pursuant to President Biden’s request to re-open the exchange for enrollment during the pandemic, that enrollment process is rolling over to CCSB business as well. It is a member Special Enrollment Period for effective dates of February 1 through May 15 submission dates.  Groups can add subscribers/dependents who previously declined coverage.  It does not allow groups/employees to change plans, designate new reference plans, etc.  This only allows members who previously declined coverage to enroll.  Applications received by the 15th of the month, will have a first of the following month effective date.

We thank you for your membership and support!