Rethinking Your Insurance Sales Pitch for 2021

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There is a problem with the traditional sales pitch—it can be unappealing and only offers two outcomes: your prospective groups will love what you have to offer, which will lead to a new addition to your book of business, or they won’t and you will receive a polite decline. Furthermore, a scalable sales formula comes down to understanding who your buyer is and what their specific needs are. How is a scripted insurance sales pitch going to help you personalize your approach and service to each prospect? While only 7% of top performers report pitching, 19% of non-top performers pitch their offering. Basically, those who are not top performers are much more likely to pitch their services. So then, how are top performers scoring most of the sales?

They are not pitching their offering; instead, they are engaging prospects in conversations, building relationships, and demonstrating how their service offers a direct solution to the prospect’s needs and challenges. A successful sales pitch is not a monologue. It’s a dialogue. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we’ll focus on how to create a positive sales experience during your first call with a prospective client.